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Watch the following videos to see how you can make a difference...

REFRAIN from activities that are harmful to nature

For example:

  • Refrain from buying products that are damaging to nature, including unsustainable foods, single-use plastics and fast fashion.

  • Refrain from directly damaging the land, ocean, forests and wildlife. For example,  avoid filling in ponds, prevent damage to coral reefs or don’t needlessly cut down native vegetation.

  • Refrain from using harmful chemicals unnecessarily.

RESTORE nature where it has been harmed

For example:

  • Restore local lands and waterways by participating in litter clean-up activities 

  • Restore damaged vegetation, for example by planting native trees and wildflowers.

  • Restore wildlife, for example by installing extra nest-boxes and feeding stations for birds and bats, or by managing the vegetation to help build up rare mammal populations.