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Green Hack: reducing waste

Don't use wrapping paper for gifts, or make your own out of paper waste


Why should you stop using conventional wrapping paper?

Did you know wrapping paper is rarely recyclable because of the plastic coating on most papers? Opting to not use wrapping on gifts can help to reduce how much disposable waste you produce and in many cases prevents harmful plastic from entering landfill.

Alternatives to wrapping paper could include old newspapers or magazines which can easily be customised or have a sprig of a plant attached for decoration. Alternatively, if you receive gift bags or wrapping paper still in good condition, reuse it for another gift!

Changing your gift-wrapping habits also shows family and friends that you care about the environment, and might encourage them to adopt similar practices!

If you still desire to use wrapping paper, opting for a recyclable paper without foil or a plastic coating and using recyclable tape is a great way to reduce harmful plastic and ensure paper can be recycled into something new.

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