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Green Hack: food

Leave restaurant reviews with sustainable suggestions!


Leaving planet-friendly restaurant, cafe or bar review

Did the bar you just went to use plastic straws? Couldn't use a reusable cup in a cafe? Were there few or no vegan options available at a restaurant?

Leaving reviews on websites like Google Maps, Tripadvisor or directly on the business' website is a great way to communicate your desire for planet-friendly practices and encourage companies to prioritise sustainability.

You can use your power as a consumer to influence the way food outlets operate and how their practices affect the environment. Eateries rely on customer satisfaction and so aim to please: by expressing how important planet-friendly practices are to you, you show the organisations that in order to retain customers like you they should improve their practices.
Small businesses espcially are likely to be responsive to feedback and so you can make a big difference with a few words!

Remember, a positive, solutions-based tone will make a greater impact and encourage the business to change for the better.

Share your favourite planet-friendly eateries with the hashtag #GreenHacks and tag us for the chance to be featured on our social media!

Restaurants & cafes - things to consider

  • Were plastic straws given with your drinks?
  • Were condiment sachets used instead of dispensers or bulk bottles?
  • Were napkins given without them being requested?
  • Was disposable cutlery given, and if so, was it plant-based or plastic?
  • What kind of vegetarian and vegan options were on the menu?
  • Could you use a reusable cup?
  • Were alternative milks offered, and did these cost extra?
  • How much beef and other high-emission foods was offered?
  • Was vegetarian and vegan food well signposted?
  • Was any packaging recyclable, with recycling bins available?