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Green Hack: food

Make your own flatbreads/tortillas instead of buying packs to reduce food waste


Why should I make my own flatbreads?

Although convenient, shop-bought packs of tortillas often contain more tortillas than needed and so leftovers may go to waste. Over time this can become a significant part of your food waste.

Tortillas and flatbreads can be made with just plain flour and water, with a drop of oil if desired. Many recipes can be found online and you can scale to make only the necessary amount, preventing food waste. You can also avoid plastic packaging in this way and save a lot of money!

Additionally, once separated into portion-sized balls the dough can be frozen - this means you can defrost and cook individual tortillas when needed!

Tag us in a photo of your best homemade flatbreads with the hashtag #GreenHacks for the chance to be featured on our social media!