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Green Hack: food

Re-grow lettuce and other supermarket vegetables


How to regrow lettuce and other vegetables

Many lettuce varieties are sold with an intact stem end. By leaving this end intact whilst pulling off the leaves, you can regrow the leaves and have even more free salad!

Simply place the stem end in a shallow container of water approximately 1cm deep and leave on a windowsill or other bright location. Change the water every few days.

As the plant begins to regrow, you may wish to plant it in soil to accelerate growth. If you replant a number of lettuce heads, you may eventually be left with a rotation of plants providing lettuce leaves so you don't have to purchase any more from shops!

As lettuce heads are often packaged in single-use plastic, having to buy less produce reduces your waste output as well as reducing the carbon footprint of your food through decreased transport and packaging emissions.

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