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Green Hack: shopping habits

Repair textiles instead of buying new


Repairing clothes & other textiles instead of buying new

When an otherwise perfectly good sock gets a hole in it, why throw it away? Darning is a sewing technique for repairing holes or worn areas in fabric using only a needle and thread. It's easy enough for anyone to have a go, and means you both avoid consumption of more textiles and generate less textile waste.

Repairing your old clothes, bags and other fabric items can be rewarding and help both the planet and your purse. As well as the environmental and financial benefits, it can also make people appreciate the items they have more, showing care for their clothes by looking after them and extending their life.

Some people may be concerned about the appearance of their items after repair, but most times the repairs will be invisible to other people. By wearing your repaired clothing proudly, you promote a culture of sustainability and normalise maximising the life of garments.

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