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Green Hack: reducing waste

Take your own cutlery and paper napkins to food outlets to avoid having to use disposables


Why should I take my own cutlery to food outlets?

Especially in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many food outlets offer only disposable cutlery, napkins and packaging for food. Taking your own cutlery to these places reduces your single-use waste and prevents more waste being sent to landfill.

Although a lot of disposable cutlery is now wooden or labelled 'compostable', this doesn't necessarily mean home-compostable and incorrect disposal methods often mean the items accumulate in landfill without breaking down very fast.

You don't have to purchase costly bamboo products for reusable cutlery; just taking whatever's in your kitchen drawer is great and does the same job! Often your own metal cutlery is sturdier than disposable alternatives as well, providing an all-round better experience.

If you do have to use disposable cutlery, consider taking it home and washing it to keep in your bag and reuse as your own reusable cutlery!

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